Study table accessories

Do you find it hard sometimes to have a manageable study space?

If yes, then study table accessories can solve your problem. You will be amazed to find that study table accessories often inspire students to study hard. A homier and inviting study space is always helpful for a student as all the hard work they put in is worth it when they get their exam results.

However, that doesn’t mean that studying is easy – there are many distractions and it’s not a solitary activity. That’s why it’s always helpful to have study table accessories in your workspace to help you focus on what needs to be done!

In this article, you will find 10 items that will give your study area some personality. But before that scroll down to read about the benefits of a dedicated study space.

Benefits of a dedicated study space

Benefits of study space

Do you know it was found in a study that students learn better in a familiar and comfortable environment? When it comes to studying, having a well-organized study table can make all the difference. Read further to know the whole story!

  • All resources in one place

A dedicated study space is essential to have all your resources like pens, notebooks, calculators, etc in one place. In other words, all stationery items should be kept in one place.

Students focus better when they have every essential item at their arm’s length. You’ll know exactly where everything is. This means you won’t have to waste time looking for things that you need.

  • Improved concentration

Your concentration will improve when you don’t move from your study zone every now and then to look out for some missing item. A small tip here would be to get a separate study space to ensure minimum disturbance.

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  • Creates discipline

Every student clearly understands the importance of discipline. A student without discipline is like a ship without a captain. Well, we are not judging anyone but the hard truth is that discipline is a life-saving skill. You tend to develop a routine for study when you have a dedicated study space. This routine for study eventually develops your discipline.

  • Relaxed mind

Students who have a dedicated study space tend to have a relaxed mind. Why? Well, your mind relaxes when it realizes that you are doing routine work or when you don’t have to suddenly find any item. A relaxed mind is the best place to keep your knowledge.

  • More productivity

A well-organized study table will help you be more productive because you’ll be able to work more efficiently. This means you can get through your studies faster and have more free time for other activities.

Having an organized study table can actually reduce stress levels. This is because when everything is in its place, you won’t have to worry about forgetting something or losing something important.

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Dive in deeper to look at the list of useful study table accessories!

List of useful study table accessories

Examples of study table accessories

It is very important to make the study space more organized. Check the below list to ensure you have not missed any important stationery items.

Ergonomic chair

Growing bodies need a chair that can be adjusted according to their height. An ergonomic chair gives you the comfort of adjustment. A proper chair is very important for long study hours.

Desk lamp

A desk lamp is not just helpful at night but in the evening too. Your eyes strain when you work or study in an improper light. A desk lamp ensures that there is no strain on your eyes.


Yes, highlighter. It might look very small and unimportant but it is one of the most basic and important accessories. You will come through a lot of terms or sentences when learning or revising. Sometimes the terms are so many in number that you can’t look for their meaning right away. A highlighter solves this problem efficiently in just one glide.

Sticky notes or cards

Everyone loves those small sticky notes. Well, sticky notes are a great problem solver when it comes to reminding tasks. Sticky notes emphasize a smaller and more concise thought process. You can always fully depend on the sticky note because it has no expiry date.

Also, some digital alternatives to sticky notes have been introduced lately. Just type ‘sticky notes’ in your start button on your desktop or laptop and you will find a cute app for sticky notes.

Small cabinet

Every student has a lot of books, assignment papers, etc. A small cabinet near the study desk is very helpful for storing such items. It can be attached to the desk or just lie beside the desk for proper proximity. A small cabinet is good if you want the top of your study desk clear and spacious.

Desk organizers

Although small cabinets do most of the work for storing items still there are things like your mobile phone, pens, or even sticky notes that are used frequently. A desk organizer is helpful in storing such items.

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Alarm clock

The whole process of setting a routine is based on time and an alarm clock on your desk is the best option to manage time. Having a quick look at the clock is helpful in estimating your pace and checking up on your schedule. You can even set an alarm for the different slots of time to study different subjects.

You will find the key to success under the alarm clock

Benjamin Franklin

Time is luxury and to have that luxury you must have a clock. Alarm clocks are a great way to be regular and consistent. You can also practice timed tests and quizzes with the help of your alarm clock.

Water bottle

Hydration plays an important role in keeping the mind healthy. A proper amount of hydration helps to increase focus in students. A mini water bottle on your desk is also a reminder for you to keep drinking water from time to time.

Personal diary

It is better to write out than to speak out sometimes. Writing in your diary about anything that has been bugging you constantly is a good idea as it improves your writing skills and you tend to become more expressive with yourself. A personal diary can be used to jot down any important event, or work or can simply be your go-to place when you don’t feel fine.

A mini plant

Everyone likes a relaxed mind and good air quality to breathe in. A mini plant on your desk can do both. Plants are helpful in stabilizing moods.

Although the top ten list is complete but some items should always have a place in your study space. These basic items include a whiteboard, a calculator, a whiteboard marker, push pins, an eraser, scissors, etc. Such basic items are used extensively and help you in being more organized and armed for your study routine.

Which online platforms to use for purchasing study table accessories?

There are a few online platforms that are great for finding study table accessories. Amazon and Etsy are two of the most popular ones. You can find a wide variety of items on both of these sites, so you’re sure to find something that you like.

Another great option is to search for “study table accessories” on Google. This will bring up a lot of different results, so you can compare prices and find the perfect item for your needs.

Finally, don’t forget to check out your local store! they usually have a good selection of items for your study table.

Common mistakes to avoid while organizing your study table

A stop sign for study table accessories mistake

There are a few common mistakes that people make when organizing their study table accessories. First, they forget to include essential items such as a pen and paper. Second, they forget to label everything clearly.

Third, they put too much stuff on the table and it becomes cluttered. Lastly, they don’t have a system for organizing their accessories and it becomes a mess.

To avoid these mistakes, first, make sure that you have all the essential items that you need. Second, label everything clearly so you knows where everything is.

Third, only put out the things that you need at the moment so your table doesn’t get cluttered. Lastly, have a system for organizing your accessories so it’s easy to find what you need when you need it.

Some FAQs regarding study space and study table accessories

Q1. What are some good study table accessories?

A few good study table accessories include a lamp, a planner, a pen and paper holder, and perhaps some decoration.

Q2. How can I make my study space more efficient?

One way to make your study space more efficient is by investing in a good-quality desk and chair. Additionally, you can try to keep your area well-lit and organized.

Q3. What are some good tips for studying effectively?

Some good tips for studying effectively include creating a schedule or plan, setting goals, taking breaks, and staying motivated.

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