How to study for long hours?

There are many challenges in a student’s life and ‘how to study for long hours?’ is one of the major challenges. Studying for long hours is important only till the point it is done with full concentration. Let’s read about various aspects and ways to study for long hours.

What is the need to study for long hours?

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Overdoing anything is harmful and so does studying for long hours. So, why do we still need to study for long hours?

Well, to ace our academic life we need to combine both quality and quantity. Concentration and long study hours go hand in hand to get good results. When we study for long hours with a concentration on a routine basis we tend to retain more knowledge as compared to those days when we study for a short period of time without concentration.

Studying for long hours helps a student in covering various topics in a single day. This habit also provides time for students for daily revision. One must not ignore the power of revision when it comes to scoring good marks in the exam.

Studying for long hours does not mean that we have to forgo any extracurricular activity. A student can always balance his passion and academic requirements through a proper timetable.

Read further if you want to know about some good study habits.

5 good study habits to include in your routine

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  1. Avoid distractions

This is the most important point to keep in mind while we are studying for long hours. Distractions can include anything from a mobile phone to food cravings. Distractions are bad for those students who want to study with full concentration. Always remember to put your mobile on silent or vibrate mode and turn off the internet if possible while studying. Some students constantly crave food while studying for long hours, to avoid such a situation one must follow a protein and fiber-rich diet.

2. Follow a routine

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Routine life is a boon for those who want to succeed in life. Discipline and sincerity take a person a very long way in his/her life. Although maintaining a routine is tough but it is never impossible. You can start by doing certain things at a fixed time to develop a routine. A student should first of all fix the time of sleep and meals. This is the first step towards maintaining a routine.

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3. A dash of curiosity

Well, here I am talking about the habit where students question every piece of information to get the logic behind the knowledge. This is a very good study habit as it stems deep knowledge into the student through clear concepts.

4. Dedicated study place

A dedicated study place is your personal learning ecosystem. This study place should have your learning equipment like a pen, notebook, calculator, etc. When a student regularly studies at a dedicated study place then the comfort level of that place paves way for a relaxed mind which in turn retains more knowledge.

5. Positive vibes

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Positive thinking is a habit that is not only good for your academic life but also for your upcoming professional life. A positive mind is a place for learners and listeners. Both the ability to learn and listen is a must for a student. When your mind is filled with positive thoughts you tend to be more relaxed and confident about your knowledge.

Now we have sufficient proof that studying for long hours is important. We have also read about good study habits. Scroll down to know about ways to study for long hours.

5 tips to study for long hours

  • Categorizing

Segregating important and less important work is very important. Your mind works great in the beginning and tends to get tired with each passing hour. Although there are tricks to improve concentration while studying for long hours still, it is advisable to take up the tough parts at the start. All the important and difficult sections must be done at the beginning of your study routine. The ones that are lengthy and theoretical must be done after the tough ones. A quick tip is to include calculations or short maths topics between lengthy or boring theoretical sections to avoid sleeping off.

  • Proper sleep
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Your mind also needs rest just like your body. A mind relaxes when it gets ample sleep. Also, proper oxygen to the brain is important for a good brain. Long study hours often make a student sleepy thus a well-rested mind is always helpful. A Quick nap is also sometimes better when you are feeling too tired or exhausted.

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  • Follow your biological clock

Our bodies work better when they are in sync with our biological clock. So, what does this biological clock mean? Well, it is nothing but the natural timing of the human body. In other words, the human body is mechanized to work better during the day and gets lazy by night time. It is always good if a student wakes up early and finishes up the study routine by night.

  • Regular breaks

Students commonly ask ‘how to study for long hours?’ but rarely do they ask ‘what is the importance of regular breaks?’ Regular breaks provide short rest to the mind and body. Studying for long hours forces a student to sit in a certain position for a longer period which is very harmful. To avoid such posture mistakes one should take regular short breaks. This habit also gives space to the mind to process what has been retained.

  • Plan in advance

If your goal is to study for long hours in order to achieve good marks then a proper plant is your most important tool.

A proper plan paves way for your future actions. A goal is incomplete without a proper plan as it will lack motivation, short-term targets, priority work, etc.

Which is the best time to study?

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Is there really a good or best time to study? Well, I have already mentioned the biological clock of the human body. You can reap more benefits when your body is in sync with your mind. Still, some students tend to have different study routines than the biological clock of their bodies. Such students should try to study at a particular time to develop study habits. Discipline and regularity are helpful to study at the same time every day.

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So, when a student studies at a particular time, it tends to become the best time to study for him/her.

I hope the air around the topic of ‘how to study for long hours?’ is somewhat clear after reading this article. Do read some FAQs related to long study hours below to clear any hint of doubt.

Some FAQs about long study hours

Q.1 Should you sit on the floor while studying?

Ans. A student can sit on the floor to improve flexibility but one should always sit in the proper posture to avoid any harm.

Q.2 Do you need a to-do list for better study?

Ans. A to-do list is helpful when you have a variety of work. It makes sure that none of your work remains unfinished.

Q.3 How does being hydrated help in long study hours?

Ans. Hydration is very much important for a healthy mind. When your mind is properly hydrated it tends to be more active.

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