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Have you been in a situation where you know the answer to a question but refrain from raising your hand in class?

Or a similar situation where you were too scared to give the presentation assigned to you by your teacher? Well, such situations are normal and can be handled efficiently and with proper confidence.

If you want to fix such situations or just simply read about how to build self-confidence, then you are at the right place. This article will enlighten you about the importance of self-confidence along with the tips and tricks to build it.

Do you know that self-confidence is an influential factor in everyday performance?

Before I share the secret tips and tricks to build self-confidence, let’s first read about the importance of self-confidence.

Why should a student build self-confidence?

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A student plays different roles during the academic journey. Sometimes you can be a sports person and sometimes you might be working hard to get good scores in your upcoming test.

Do you think all this is possible without a dash of self-confidence? Go through the following points, and you will know why students need to build self-confidence.

  • Handle setbacks:

Sometimes you will score good numbers on your test; sometimes it’s just not your day. A good level of self-confidence helps in overcoming such hard days. Students who have sufficient self-confidence will not feel low easily even on their bad days.

  • Ease in decision-making:

It is natural for a student to be confused before taking some decisions even people with the most experience tend to get confused. Whether it is about choosing your academic stream after your board exams or selecting your sport, rock-solid decision-making saves you from wasting your precious time.

A child ticking off the list for quick decision making

Also, when you are confident you don’t lose out on good decisions out of the fear that you might fail.

Better communicator:

Have you ever noticed some of your classmates or your teachers talk very smoothly? Such people easily deliver their message to another person without getting hesitant. A person with self-confidence tends to be at ease while communicating which leads to better understanding.

It is very important for a student to be an excellent communicator to build strong relationships. A good communicator is proven to be a better problem-solver.

  • Academic performance:

When a student has self-confidence he/she grabs the knowledge without any hesitation. Such students are always confident about the knowledge they have gathered. This helps the brain in retaining and summarise knowledge quickly.

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Tips to build self-confidence

We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think

– Swami Vivekananda

Have a look at some tips to build self-confidence that can really enhance your personality!

  • Yoga is the key

Yup you heard that right! Yoga is not just for your physical health but also for your mental health. A healthy mind stays calm and leads to self-confidence and gratitude.

Have a look at this article if you want to read further about the benefits of yoga for students!

  • Appreciate your small achievements

Small achievements make way for big ones hence it is essential to acknowledge these small wins. A sure-shot way to build self-confidence is to celebrate your small achievements.

A child climbing stairs and acknowledging his small achievements
  • Believe that you are worth it

Many of the students think that they are not good enough to take part in sports because they are overweight or think that they can’t score well in a science olympiad because science is tough for them. Here science or sports is not the problem rather the thought that it is tough and not meant for them is wrong. Always believe that you can do it and give it your 100% because the efforts matter more than the results.

  • Practice to improve your quality

   Repetition of a task leads to better performance and eventually gives you inner confidence. It is common to feel hesitant when you are doing something for the first time but practice shuns away any such hesitation. 

  • Take responsibility

A student who takes responsibility has more confidence due to the trust factor. You can initiate and take responsibility through small tasks.

How do you show confidence in class?

# Better quality of work

Producing work on time and with minimal errors leads to a better quality of work. Confidence emits from a student who completes his/her work on time.

Check our article on time management to know more about on-time delivery of work!

# Better questions

Students with good confidence tend to be curious and have the courage to ask doubts in front of anyone. One should regularly practice the habit of asking questions without giving a second thought.

# Love for feedback

A confident student never shies away from feedback. You should learn to take feedback in a very positive way. A feedback system allows a student to acknowledge his/her mistakes and improve upon them. This whole process eventually leads to a better quality of work.

Common barriers to confidence

  • Being way too defensive

A student should never let a problem go unrecognized. Being defensive leads to lower improvements in your work which can eventually affect your academics. Unnecessary defensiveness should be avoided to recognize the issue and learn from it to prevent mistakes in the future.

  • Over-confidence

Yes, it might sound odd to you that overconfidence could be a barrier to confidence. Overconfidence can make you look arrogant to others. Trust me on this, you don’t want to alienate yourself due to your arrogance. Sometimes over-confidence can lead to a senseless decision based on ego. The best way to avoid overconfidence is to be open to humble criticism.

Negative thoughts

A negative thought is not just a barrier to confidence but it also hinders the decision-making ability of a person. Such feelings or thoughts can be avoided by sharing them with your close ones. A student must always try to be full of positive feelings and thoughts for his/her future and academics as well.

Enjoy this video on the science of positive thinking to know the benefits of positive thoughts!


A good level of confidence is a superpower that can take you a long way. Your self-confidence will help you, even more, when you grow up and enter the professional world.

FAQs about self-confidence

Q.1 Is confidence a good quality to have?

Ans. Yes, self-confidence as a quality works great both for your personal and academic life.

Q.2 Do students with good confidence handle failure in a better way?

Ans. Confident student is often found to be calm and composed in tough situations because they have faith in themselves.

Q.3 Can confidence be increased through practice?

Ans. Yes, a practice not only boosts your confidence but also improves the quality of your work.

If you too have any tips to build self-confidence then do let us know in the comment box below. You can visit our Insta and Facebook pages too for more such updates!

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