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Conscious control of time is very important. Time management for students is an important skill to add to their lifestyle. Proper management of time can help a student in reaching his/her goals faster. A student can practice time management by dividing time among various activities as per priority.

Now the question arises, why do students need to manage time? 

Let’s visualize a scenario to understand the importance of time management for students. You have to submit your Math assignment tomorrow along with that you also have to go to your friend’s birthday party and yes not to forget about the geography test that you have on Monday.

All these tasks can be completed efficiently by organizing time. Let’s have a look at the importance of time management for students below.

Importance of time management for students

Iron Man quote in time management

Prioritizing your task

Time management helps in prioritizing your tasks without leaving the less important ones. Take for example you have two tasks at your hand, one is your Maths assignment and the other one is your geography test.

You can easily prioritize between the assignment and the test by analyzing your strong and weak areas. After your analyses, you can easily decide the amount of time to be allotted to each task. This way you can give time to both tasks as per your need.

Students setting priorities

No fear of missing out

A student studies different subjects in a day and by the time he/she goes to bed all the knowledge starts to mix up without proper revision. Here a to-do list can be the problem solver.

A student needs to make a to-do list of all the tasks that he/she has to do on a particular day. You can include revision of different subjects in your to-do list too. This process eliminates any chance of missing out on your daily task thus relieving you of any fear of missing out.

A man ticking off the items on his list

A booster dose of confidence

Your inner confidence shows up when you are fully prepared for the assignment, test, sports trials, etc. Completing the task in the given time frame gives you inner confidence. Time management provides you with the opportunity to be fully prepared. This skill proves to be a major game changer for the students.

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Reduced stress or anxiety

Stress or anxiety is a common issue among students nowadays. A student goes through a lot on a daily basis and we at Qureka totally understand it. Some of you might be busy studying for the exam while some of you might be busy practicing your sport or your cultural activity event.

It is normal to experience stress or anxiety for some time when you have to do various tasks. Our minds tend to think rapidly when it senses any urgency which sometimes may lead to stress.

Time management techniques provide solutions for such uneasy situations through planning and organizing the tasks. Your mind will automatically go into the relaxing zone once it finds that all the tasks are planned and addressed properly.

A boy enjoying his tea after completing his work

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Achieving that extra mile

There is always room for extra activities once we sort out our routine work. Time management gives you the privilege of achieving that extra mile.

A school is a place where we take part in different events, take many tests throughout the year, make friends, represent our school sports team, etc. All these activities require your 100% focus and time management techniques give you that privilege.

A man achieving that extra mile through 
time management

Your guilt-free me-time

This one might attract you a bit. Many students love to socialize or binge-watch their favorite series. As you complete all your tasks with proper planning and organizing, you can enjoy things without any guilt. You can easily balance your life by understanding the importance of time management.

A girl enjoying her me-time

What causes poor time management?

There are many different causes of poor time management. For some people, it may be due to a lack of organizational skills. Others may have trouble focusing on tasks or may procrastinate often. Some people may also have difficulty estimating how long tasks will take to complete, which can lead to poor time management.

Poor time management can lead to missed deadlines, unfinished tasks, and increased stress levels. But I want you to know that it is very common and absolutely normal to sometimes fail in managing time properly. This is why time management requires constant practice and it gets better with time.

10 time management tips for students

Enough about the benefits of time management for students we will now straight away look at the actual time management techniques. Scroll down to discover all the secrets of time management!

Understand your learning style

For some students, the best time to study is in the morning, while others find the evening or night to be their most productive time. You have to find out the time when you can perform your best and try to study during those times. Identifying and working on a pattern helps in increasing productivity. It is easier for a student with a set pattern or routine to manage time.

Make a schedule and stick to it

Once you discover the time when you can give your best performance, go with the flow and make a schedule and try your best to stick to it.

You can use a digital or a physical calendar. Your calendar will guide you through task priorities while your to-do list will always remind you of your pending tasks. If you have trouble sticking to schedules, try setting daily or weekly goals for yourself and reward yourself when you complete your goals.

Time management requires setting up small goals. One important point to note here is to set smaller goals in the beginning to boost your confidence.

Children planning to manage tasks

Take breaks

One of the most underrated time management tips for students. It is important to take breaks while studying so that you don’t get overwhelmed or burn out. Try studying for 50 minutes and then taking a 10-minute break to do something you enjoy or you can just simply relax!

A relaxed mind is conducive to good time management as you will easily glide through your pre-planned day.

Get rid of distractions

We know it is easier said than done, but trust us on this tip. It can be very difficult to focus if there are things around you that are distracting you. Sometimes you properly organize your time, set your targets, and then boom, you are distracted.

Television, social media, relatives, etc can be elements of distraction that effortlessly ruin the management of your time. All we want to say is that every task is meant to be done in different time slots and not at once.

A girl is distracted by social media leading to poor time management

Create a positive study environment

Make sure the place where you study is comfortable and conducive to learning. This means having good lighting, a comfortable chair, and enough space to spread out your materials. A positive study environment will encourage you to follow your daily routine religiously.

Realistic approach toward deadlines

Time management fails when you set unrealistic deadlines. You need to analyze the level of the task before setting up the deadline. This will lead to honest management of your time. It is normal to sometimes misunderstand the nature of the task and the amount of work it requires. A humble approach towards such misunderstandings is the key to avoiding this problem.

Set smaller goals

A student should always set smaller goals while looking at the big picture. A good example of this could be your annual exams. Students give midterms, weekly tests, monthly tests, etc to score good marks in the annual exams. These small tests or exams act as the small goal that helps you to achieve excellent marks in your annual exams.

Sound sleep for better results

Just like our body our mind also needs to relax in order to be calm. Proper management of time sometimes requires multitasking. A relaxed and stable mind is helpful during multitasking.

Check out this article on sound sleep to know more about the benefits of proper sleep for a student!

Auditing your plans

It is always wise to recheck your growth while managing your tasks. Sometimes a change of plan catches us off-guard. To avoid such a situation you must always audit your plans.

Wake up early

Time is the real luxury. Well, we all have heard this statement but rarely do we realize that being in sync with our biological clock and waking up early gives us the gift of time. Time management techniques are not just limited to student life but it is a way of life in itself.

List of time management tools for students

A lot of free tools help in improving time management. These tools are easy to use and also provide a friendly user interface. Let’s contemplate some of these options.

Evernote: This tool is widely used for note-taking and managing daily tasks.

myHomework: If you worry about your assignments or tests then this tool might be the perfect study planner for you.

TickTick: If you are someone who loves to organize and yet be creative this tool will give wings to your creativity.

Some FAQs about time management

Q.1 Does sleep deprivation affect time management?

Yes, sleep deprivation can affect time management by affecting performance. This will lead to a lack of interest in completing the scheduled task in the future.

Q.2 Can we manage time without a to-do list too?

A to-do list simply reminds a person about the pending task. It is advisable to have a summary of all the pending tasks.

Q.3 Does the management of time improve with practice?

Yes, humans tend to learn over the course of time. Time management gets better with practice.

Q.4 Does proper management of time help in increasing confidence?

Yes, planning and organizing your day definitely leads to better confidence.

Remember time management is a way of life. Do let us know in the comment box below if you want to read more such engaging topics. Also, follow us on Insta and Facebook pages for more such updates!

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